Soul Sessions

Are you ready to heal, shift, and experience full body radiance? 

Soul sessions are appropriate for anyone dedicated to their vitality and individuals who are ready to heal, stand in their essence, and move into a new way of being. 

Indications that your soul is evolving could be significant life transition, reoccurring illness, chronic illness, depression, severe anxiety, trauma, mental illness, addiction, PTSD, chronic pain, questioning your purpose/relationship/job, and initiation through pregnancy, or death of a loved one.


Are soul sessions right for me? 

Are you really ready to heal on a deep and lasting level? Are you willing to shift beyond your current habits to a new, more uplifting way of being? Are you exhausted, ill, at wits end, and desperate to experience health and inspiration in your daily life? Have you felt an internal calling to seek more out of life? 

If you felt a YES to any of these questions, then yes! 

What types of healing modalities are used in each session?

Christine utilizes a combination of intuitive counseling, spirit medicine, energy healing, sound healing, and ayurveda in each session. 

Why is the first session more expensive than the follow up sessions?

Taking the first step towards your healing journey is always the most powerful. In the first session you will experience intuitive guidance and information from your guides in regards to your soul path. Energy healing is utilized to clear any stuck points and strengthen your connection to your essential life force energy. At the conclusion of the session you will be given tools and assignments to implement in the following days or weeks. Follow up appointments build off of the foundation that is laid in the first session. 

What do I wear to a session?

Comfortable clothing that allows you to breathe deeply.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for a session?

It can be helpful to journal or jot down some questions to present in the session if you'd like to receive guidance on specific areas of your life. 


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Single or Initial Session Sacred Inquiry

Single sessions are a wonderful way to gain clarity on questions around stuckness or confusion in your life. Christine's gifts allow her to intuitively target the root of any dis-ease and utilize energy healing to dissolve holding patterns within your energetic body. You might like to bring questions that you have to the session. Examples of questions might be- What job is best for me to accept? Why am I so tired all the time? What is the root of my depression? How can I feel more inspired? What is at the source of this experience I'm having with the person I'm dating? Who should I hire for this specific position? 

Single sessions run between 1.5-2 hours depending on the work at hand. 


3 Sessions Empowerment through the Gateway

3 Sessions are appropriate for anyone wanting to shift powerfully and quickly into a new way of being. Wanting to clear past baggage and limiting beliefs so you can feel more peaceful and inspired? Needing support around attracting a new job or promotion? Wanting to experience more presence with your romantic partner? Searching to understand your soul's purpose here and how to embody it? 

In the first session the theme of your current experience will be focused on. Any questions you may have regarding your health, your relationships, your experience in your job, etc are welcomed. From there, Christine will journey to the root of your current physical, mental, emotional, and energetic experience to assist in healing patterns that are creating your current reality. This work is done on an energetic as well as conversational level. 

After the first session, you will be given certain tasks to carry out before the second and third sessions. 3 sessions is a wonderful way to establish a lasting connection with your highest self. 

Each session is 1.5-2 hours depending on the work at hand. 


6 Sessions Soul Initiation and Embodied Essence

6 Sessions are appropriate for those who are experiencing physical or mental dis-ease, chronic ailments, addiction, PTSD, trauma, or who need extra support around entering a new phase in life. The focus of this healing is on empowerment and celebration as Christine guides you in gathering the wisdom and soul pieces contained in your healing process. 

At the root of any major life transition or persisting "condition" is a component of the wise self that is seeking to be incorporated on a physical, mental, and emotional level. Trauma that has occurred in the past or present acts as an initiation to you evolving into your most radiant self. Through the healing process, you will welcome aspects of yourself that had been separate or dormant. This healing process facilitates greater health, natural vitality, and deep connection with self. 

In each session you will have the opportunity to bring up current experiences you are having on a physical, mental, emotional, and energetic level and gain clarity and resolution through energy healing, intuitive counseling, and an array of energy medicine techniques. You will be given ideas for self care that you can take home and self inquiry to complete before each session.

This 6 session journey is a blessing for your highest self. 

Each session is 1.5-2 hours depending on the work at hand. 


Follow Up Sessions regarding the same soul assignment

60 min