Christine Urbina is a sixth sensory healer and spiritual teacher. Her path has unfolded into a place of divine knowing and healing capabilities. Her close relationship with higher guidance, guides, angels, and spiritual archetypes allows her the ability to relay profound information and healing vibrations that are not commonly accessed on this Earth plane.

As a child, Christine had a special relationship with plants, spirits, and divine knowing. As the density of our relationship, school, and work systems began to set in, Christine adapted to the societal experience by putting these gifts aside and adapting to a "mainstream" way of being. 

After undergoing extreme trauma as a young adult, she came to many dead ends in the Western world when it came to seeking healing on a physical, mental, and emotional level. This is when she began to awaken to a set of energetic gifts she did not know existed. Over the course of several years, Christine's connection to her gifts proved to be the only successful, lasting way to heal her trauma. 

Through her own self healing, Christine made a full recovery from extreme sexual, physical, and mental trauma that doctors were unable to diagnose or effectively treat. In healing herself, she developed an incredible relationship to her healing guidance and energy medicine intuition. 

Over the past 10 years, Christine has successfully led others to connect with their own guidance and heal in profound ways. Her mission is to support people in awakening to their innate vitality and connection to their own unique knowing. The body is a healing tool for self and planet. If we are to thrive as we desire, we must harness the skills we have been asleep to and begin to relate to them as essential components of a sustainable life. 

While Christine arrived in her gifts with spirit medicine through extreme circumstances, her classes and healing sessions are supportive for everyone. Our disconnect from self and intuition is an epidemic that we are all experiencing at this time. 

Connection to self is the foundational step to any flourishing life, and it is our birthright to experience full being health. 

Christine leads workshops, classes, and one on one intuitive soul sessions through distance healing and in person in her studio in Seattle, Washington.